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Can’t get enough of the origin Layla? This is like an upgraded version of Layla! Once you have Layla, you must try MILAYLA. Yes, it is still BROOCHLESS.


  • ANTI-BROOCH with stretchable band below chin
  • Single loop easy slip-on scarf
  • Soft awning (chiffon)
  • Comfort face opening
  • Suitable for daily wear
  • Simple and functional design
  • Lightweight and cooling fabric
  • Double layer with slim scarf effect
  • Exact same cutting with Layla so your experience won’t be much different
  • Seamless-Ultra fine stitches on the back scarf bone


M size
Face opening: ~10-12 inch
Front drape: ~25 inch
Back drape: ~28.0 inch

L size
Face opening: ~10-12 inch
Front drape: ~ 29 inch
Back drape: ~ 31.0 inch

XL size
Face opening: ~ 10-12 inch
Front drape: ~ 32 inch
Back drape: ~ 36 inch

Material: High Quality Chiffon Georgette
Finishing: Detailed Baby Seam

Wash & Care
Machine washable.

Opacity Level: 3

Level 1 is totally see-through that needs an inner to cover the neck
Level 2 is see-through that might need an inner to cover the neck depending on the color
Level 3 is semi see through that needs double layer to cover the neck
Level 4 is almost opaque and does not need double layer to cover the neck
Level 5 is totally opaque

DISCLAIMER: Bear in mind that all the photos are captured in a photography studio with bright lights from all angle. The colors are made to the most similar possible and might vary from each computer settings.
*Terms & conditions apply.

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