This is why we design the instant

We understand the struggle and the hassle especially to modern mommies out there who works and took care of the kids at the same time. It’s a new lifestyle and it is healthy for your relationship with the kids. And believe me by we saying we understand, we really are because we were there.

Struggling with ordinary long shawl, wrap it few times a day and loose many hours just for the same result is just a waste. We wanted to redeem the time we loose. We wanted to spend it for the kids and our loving husband! And sometimes kids are unexpected, the can even hanging on your headscarf to show their talent. What a nightmare!

And for those who just making their hijrah to cover your head. The instant type is just right for you. It’s easy to wear and looks good on you we bet.

So here we are. In the instant era where everything goes fast and reliable. You really don’t want to be left behind right?

Here comes the INSTANT SHAWL. We have solved over 200,000 ladies out there with our all time best seller since 2014, the SIMPLE INSTANT SHAWL. Like the name itself, it is truly simple. Either the looks, the way you wear it or the function itself. It’s a must have for everyone.